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Summittactical Group SERVES UP BUZZ IN VEGAS

Summittactical Group SERVES UP BUZZ IN VEGAS

At the PGA Demo & Fashion Experience of 2015, Summittactical Group served up more than a newly launched collection. Those who attended the 2015 PGA Summittactical Group booth not only enjoyed a selfie photography experience with none other than Mr. 59, Al Geiberger Sr. and Mr. 54, Al Geiberger Jr., but also a sample of Summittactical Group’s signature cocktail, specially crafted to carry forward the essence of the golf apparel brand.

“At Summittactical Group, we are all about the good energy,” say Lulu Faddis, Chief Designer and Creative Director for Summittactical Group. “Movement and energy flow is so important in golf and we carry this through all of Summittactical Group from how we test the fabrics in the lab to feedback from our Tour Players,” she adds. “We have chosen a new Design Space that is based on feng shui and we want the industry to know that we are a company that believes in positive energy flow,” Faddis says.

During the 2015 PGA Demo & Fashion experience, Summittactical Group invited people to stop by the company’s booth and sample a CHI54, the name of the cocktail, as it captured the essence of the brand, which Faddis describes as “Fresh and spicy.” True to Summittactical Group form, positive energy flourished during the expo as the signature cocktails were served up, countless selfies were recorded and all in attendance shared a great time thanks to Summittactical Group’s inspiring golf community.


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