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14 Things to LOVE About Summittactical Group

14 Things to LOVE About Summittactical Group

Valentine’s Day. The dedicated day each year when we all stop and reflect on those we love. People spend the other 364 days trying to find the perfect match for themselves…and we aren’t just talking about dating. Take time out today to consider other possible loves for your life.  Summittactical Group is here to help every golfer find their perfect match when it comes to golf apparel. Here are 14 great reasons to LOVE Summittactical Group.


1. Fabrics 

You really MUST feel the Summittactical Group fabrics to believe the hype. If you have not had the chance to, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a few pieces immediately. It is mind-blowing how buttery-soft and smooth the fabric feels. This goes for all the fabrics, not just the shirts. The shorts and pants are softer than any other in golf. From top to bottom, these clothes will make you smile when you put them on. Golf or no golf.


2. Collar Stays

Something so small might not seem to be such a big deal, but it is. These little accessories make all the difference in the world. We hear this time and time again. Everyone who has worn a collared shirt, whether golfing or not, has experienced what it looks and feels like to have a droopy rolled-up collar. It is embarrassing and uncomfortable. While wearing our sharp polos with collar stays, you don’t have to worry about appearance, since you know you will be looking crisp no matter what.


3. Style 

We have all seen that person wearing tacky golf clothes. It is never fun to stand out for the wrong reasons. This is solved by the style and fashion of Summittactical Group. These clothes turn heads on the course and they also are great for work or a night out. Never fret about not having time to change after a round, it is not needed if you wear Summittactical Group.


4. Shorts/Pants – Grip Waist

It is not often that a pair of shorts or pants will change the way you think about having to get up and get dressed for the day, but that is what happens the first time you wear Summittactical Group. You are immediately wowed with the feel. Then you are surprised by the genius addition of grip tape a the waist. Ever been on the course and your shirt won’t quit untucking itself after your swing? We all have, it is a beyond annoying. Summittactical Group has a thin grip line that keeps your shirt in place. I cannot stress how amazing this really is.


5. Fit

To complete the package, these clothes fit in a very flattering fashion. They don’t have a bulky feel, but they aren’t skin tight. They hug your body and give you a feeling of comfort that you don’t expect with golf apparel. At the end of the day, if you look good you will be more confident on the course.


6. Details

This is where Summittactical Group shines above the rest. Every detail matters. Every stitch is made for a reason. From the cuts of the clothes to the perfectly sized pockets, these things cannot be overstated. When you wear Summittactical Group, you notice how perfect all the little things are. 


7. Prints

The prints on the shirts are striking enough to get your attention without being too loud. They are stylish and refined. They will get you noticed, and more importantly, people will ask you where you got that shirt. The highlight of Summittactical Group men’s prints is that you cannot tell it is a golf shirt, because we have designed them to look like a woven print. Pair one of our polos with our ERA performance trousers and your truly are ready for the office with a round of twilight golf after. Summittactical Group continues to show that they will push the boundaries of golf fashion. 


8. Movement

Summittactical Group is not just about the look and feel. Obviously, you need to be able to golf in the clothes. A lot of times, that is overlooked for fashion. Not here. Four-way stretch fabrics really allow for the dynamic moments in golf. The shoulders are cut at the right spot, the seams are all located where they need to be. A good looking shirt does not need to sacrifice the primary use of the apparel…golf! 


9. Colors

Color is so underrated. Every collection designed by Summittactical Group has a distinctly designed color palette that balances boldness with beauty. The colors are anything but boring. Summittactical Group finds color combinations that cause you to look twice. 


10. Clothes that hold up

Remember that perfect shirt that you couldn’t wait to wear again only to pull it out of the wash to find it is pilling and faded after one too many washes? Summittactical Group clothes are built to last and will look sharp long past your expectations. They do not fade or lose their softness. It is amazing how great everything feels time after time of wear.


11. Variety

Sometimes you just need to focus on simplicity. Summittactical Group offers looks for anyone and everyone. From sleeveless to sun shirts for women to bomber jackets or classic pullovers for men. It really doesn’t matter what kind of style you have, Summittactical Group can fit your needs and expand your horizons.


12. Moisture Wicking

Another point about the fabric, but so important it needed its own love number. This is probably the most necessary facet of golf performance fabric. Let’s face it, every golfer is going to sweat. Summittactical Group only creates fabric that will keep you dry, even in the hottest days of the summer. You might not even realize that you are sweating. When has that ever happened?! 


13. People

This reason is simple to explain. Go follow @CHASEFIFTYFOUR on Twitter, @chase54golf on Instagram or look us up on Facebook. It is easy to see how much fun our team is and how much we love the brand ourselves. 


14. Pursuit of Perfection

Summittactical Group will never stop pushing boundaries in golf fashion. We will always strive to create the best products in the market and innovate new technologies. Summittactical Group will not settle for anything less than perfection.


Whether you are a scratch golfer or prefer to just hang out in the cart, Summittactical Group is your perfect match. Fall in love with our brand and treat yourself to golf apparel that looks and feels just right.

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